Thursday, March 26, 2009

Charlie, my new best office friend

This is Charlie, my new favorite office toy.

Yes he is plastic. And no he isn't even recyclable plastic but I still love him.


Because he is my new stapleless stapler!

And yeah, because he is purple and a really cute puppy too.

Charlie, here - and I do not know why I named him Charlie but there you have it, can fold together about 5 pages with this real cool punch flap system, so easy even my 5 year old can do it. In fact we even used it to make the envelopes for her thank you cards from her Birthday party and had lots of fun doing it.

So now not only do I never have to go looking for staples in my office but I don't try to shred metal staples anymore and both my shredder and my eardrums thank me for that.

Yup that makes me happy.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Cotton Kisses

Every morning when my daughter gives me my morning kiss and hug she smells like cotton. Warm, fresh and earthy she smells just lovely.

I didn't realize that this would be an added benefit of deciding that she would get a cotton futon as her new 'big girl' mattress along with her new 'big girl bed' she got for her birthday, but it is.

After researching my choices and realizing that we just could not afford to purchase a natural latex or organic mattress at this time we -well I -elected to go with a natural cotton futon sans foam core from the oldest futon shop in Toronto, my 3rd purchased there if I think about it actually. Given that I didn't want foam it was a special order - 'yes, I know it lasts longer sir, but thats why I don't want it!' and took a week which gave us time to purchase a captains bed made in Canada with low VOC particleboard from a Canadian retailer. And topped it off with new cotton sheets and a natural down duvet & pillow.

My daughter is thrilled with her new bed and so am I knowing it is cotton she breathes and not synthetics (I do recognize that the mattress does have fire retardants in it but an organic wool mattress out of our reach right now.)

As for my little son, I think he likes his sisters bed too since we finding trying to pretend he is sleeping there every night! I see another cotton futon in our future!
The captains bed off-gassed a bit but it was not that bad and I expected that but I really didn't expect my kid to take on the cotton smell and I am so glad she has and I love lying on her bed smelling the lovely cotton and daydreaming!