Friday, May 1, 2009

Sweet Savings

Recently we enjoyed a day at the Bruce Mill conservation area checking out the sugarbush and consuming silly amounts of maple syrup. In a city of over 2 million people we were rather amazingly able to bump into friends of ours as soon as we arrived and the beautiful sunny day turned into a complete pleasure!

Now in our house we love maple syrup and probably have home-made pancakes once a week or so. If not pancakes it's french toast or waffles but it always has maple syrup!

Not only is it yummy but local. Problem is - it ain't cheap! In fact we are noticing a steep increase in the price. Last year it was due to unfavorable weather conditions but this years price hike is a mystery to me.

But we have found a way to save half the price of the golden nectar in the shops thanks to a tip from the gals at the maple shop.

At the sugarbushes and sometimes the country stores you can find them selling bulk syrup in huge 4 ltr. jugs. Grab one! It's often half the price per litre or even more!

Now here is the tip. Have a smaller container, like an older syrup bottle and fill it up. Take the remaining and grab a few mason jars or plastic bags for freezing and measure out just under the the fillable amount of your smaller container into each jar or bag. Then pop them in the freezer to store till you need them. The packs will stay fresh and be ready to use in a few minutes when you need them keeping your fridge space free.

We divvied ours up today and had pancakes too - boy it was yummy!