Monday, March 11, 2013

All Natural Egg Painting

Pancakes, cupcakes and scrambled eggs or just for fun, Easter's on it's way so lately we've been looking for reasons to relieve eggs of their contents and give us something to play with.

Pierce the yolk inside with a long needle to save blowing a braincell or two

Yesterday I made a family favorite, Dutch pancakes, for breakfast...
My kids looove when I make these Dutch Pancakes

and today my girl's made cupcakes.

I looooove when my kid bakes!

so now we have a stash of eggs and we can get creative.

Cracking open some fresh glob paint.

This year we are starting off the season by cracking open a new  glob paint kit from the shop. In the past we've had lots of fun with our Clementine colours and of course our favorite 2nd-hand craft tie dyed eggs, so this year we decided to try out painting eggs with glob for a change.

In the kit there are instructions for egg coloring paints and play dough as well as a couple of cruelty-free brushes, great resealable biodegradable containers to mix up paints in and of course paint powders, 6 all natural ones, all packaged in a resealable rice paper pouch.

glob paint kit at Little Footprints

Light and watercoloury, the paints made for some nice effects on the eggs. Don't expect them to stain eggs like chemical pigments, it's more subtle. Sometimes we let them dry and add layers as they dry, other times we mushed colours to see what would result. All in all we are quite pleased with our eggs.

In house tests performed by me and my kid confirm that this all natural paint isn't all that yucky either. The pigments are made from vegetables and herbs so we just had to know how they tasted. The Basil Green is like spicy pesto and the Blueberry Blue is well, blueberryish. While I don't recommend eating pigments 'round here we just can't help ourselves, we  are a rather curious bunch really and like to try out stuff from the shop thoroughly. Besides, we figured you'd want to know!

A Taste Test that tickles the funny-bone.

Have fun today and be sure to try out glob paints, they're loads of all natural fun!