Monday, September 28, 2009

Feels Good

I've been sick for what seems like ages! Our whole little family of 4 has something we are fighting off. I shall not ick you out with any details but we all hope to feel good real soon.

While the body may be weak the soul is feeling good. Fantastic in fact, thanks to a few wonderful mentions of my toyshop Little Footprints Toys and its products over the past few months.

First to find my new online shop and show us some linky love were the uber kewl SweetMama. I've been a faithful subscriber since it's inception just one year ago and was tickled beyond pink to be highlighted in their Road Trip Essentials Guide with our Imagiplay Zoom to the Moon playset in time for summer traveling fun.

And just when I thought that was pretty neat they gave a shout out to our great Primo Calculino Maths Game in their Baby Academy article in this Augusts Play section and then afforded us the highest compliment of them all: named one of their 5 most favorite online eco-kiddie stores in Canada!! Yippee!

But that's not all! Next to find our eco friendly toys and gear is Chirp Magazine! Chirp is one of those wonderful timeless children's must haves. I'll always remember reading their magazines in waiting rooms and now my kids enjoy the magazines just as much as I did.

In this Octobers issue under Chirp's Picks for Going Green you will find Artemis All Natural Body Paints found online with us at Little Footprints! These paints are made from 100% natural plant extracts, not only are the colours wonderful for face painting but by using them you know your putting nothing but natural pigments on your little ones face this Halloween. Chirp knows a great thing when he finds it!

So despite my coughing, achy chest and stuff nose I'm feeling good. I'm honored that these publications like what I offer and choose to highlight it.

Keep it coming folks, I could get used to feeling this good :)


martha brown said...

Congrats on all of the goodness coming your way! I have a link to you on my classroom blog -- I hope that you get some shoppers through it!
I can totally relate to the sickies -- it has been icky-- I've had it for 4 weeks. Here's to swift recoveries!

BFine said...

thank you Ms. Brown :) linky love is appreciated! If finding my site helps people realize there are choices about what we buy then that's great in my book - not everyone needs toys! who am I kidding - we should all play!

Feel better soon too!