Thursday, August 12, 2010

Why I Love... Piggy Paints

We received our 1st shipment of Piggy Paints back in March, I even blogged about them coming into the shop.

So why do I love them so much? For starters they have no harsh chemicals, no funky smell and a range of beautiful and fun colours. Up until I found them I didn't let my daughter use nail polish. Well that's *almost* true. I did buy her a bottle of natural polish when she was about 3 at the health food store once, spent over $12 on it, but the colour went on so transparently that she was hugely disappointed with the results, it was an epic fail. Then Piggy Paints came along and after doing my research and trying them myself I decided they were both safe enough and vibrant enough for us both to be happy about it. I was sooo right! Of course by this time she was 6 and I had my 3 year old son watching us so naturally he wanted in on the fun. Luckily Piggy Paints come in some boyish colours like green, yellow and blue and since I'm a mom who tries to not pigeon hole my kids into gender specific play I let him in on the act. Green 'Dragon Nails' I called them and he proudly sports them on his toes whenever he gets a chance. And yes, some parents give us the oddest looks but we generally try to laugh about it.

A client just told me that after she picked up 3 different colours and a remover for her daughter they has spent the following week doing each others nails every day, not because the colours fade or chip that quickly, but because they are having so much fun changing them up and bonding over the girlie experience.

When she bought them I shared with her that they are now my polish of choice for my own nails. At first she was surprised but I went on to explain that I wasn't very happy about wearing such harsh chemicals myself and found them to wear really well if I followed the directions. So while she put it on initially because her daughter wanted her to she found that she really likes them as a big girl polish too!

I also think they are fantastic for new moms. I stopped wearing polish all together when I had my first-born. She would suckle my finger for comfort and I was not at all comfortable with the idea of her sucking traditional polish. Sometimes I would put polish on to go out in the evening, away from my kid because of the strong smell, and promptly remove it the next morning followed by a nice long soak to remove any chemical residue. But that's a lot of extra work for a new mom with a newborn so I quickly abandoned the polish and the ritual.

Course my kids are both beyond the finger sucking age now but for new mothers I think Piggy Paints can make a great gift, a little something to pamper themselves with and they don't have to worry about exposing their wee ones too the chemicals or smells of traditional polishes and removers - even Piggy Paints remover is virtually odorless and made from natural corn.

So I love them because they are vibrant, natural and have a creative colour selection that appeals to kids but I also love them because I think they are great for mommies too!

I love them so much that the shop has begun to offer Piggy Paint Polish Parties bothy privately and at store events. If you want to try them out yourself and your in the Toronto area we will be having a Piggy Paint Nail Bar at our next pop-up shop September 3rd - 5th. For more details for location and times check out our News page at the shop and call the shop for details on how to host your own girlie polish party.

Thanks for reading, BHappy and have fun today!

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martha brown said...

I'm hoping to visit your pop up shop when I'm doing the back to school set up!