Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My Little Green Wagon

My hubby busted me this week. We at Shopper's Drug Mart cashing in points on the bonus point weekend (I've saved hundreds with this points program btw) and I went to grab a bunch of  bottles of my favorite conventional shampoo and conditioner when he asked me why I was getting it. Strange question in my humble. For my hair I say.

But 'Why?' he asks again, "Why do we insist that we wash our children hair in all natural, chemical free shampoos and conditioners but you do not insist the same for your self? Do you not deserve it as much as they do?"

My 1st thought 'Because people compliment my glowing shiny hair and I'm pretty sure that's the shampoo, it does, after all, say so on the bottle, on the opposite side to where the long list of icky chemicals is found'.

My next thought, because the 'good stuff' is expensive and I'll spend extra on my kids before on myself...

Followed by '...besides I've got years of chems already in me....'

Then finally 'Yes, wait! He has a point!!!' and I put the shampoo back.

It's very easy for me to make better choices for my kids. Natural and organic foods, natural cleaners, quality toys and games - I'll happily go out of my way, or go with less, to ensure they get the 'good stuff' but I don't always make sure I'm on my own little green wagon even when I should.

Today we need to pick up more shampoo and conditioner for my kids, I'm getting extra for myself and my husband. This might be the end of compliments my hairs glimmeringness but it's for the best. Do you have things you do for your kids you should really do for you too?

BHappy, Have Fun and thanks for stopping by!

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martha brown said...

Oh, I've always done this. The "I've got years of chemicals in me". "They help preserve me" argument. I'm sure that your hair will be just as glimmery :)