Friday, November 2, 2012

Friday I'm In Love - The Art of Dino Rubbing

We went to the Royal Ontario Museum the other day to check out their awesome Dinosaur exhibit with friends. To make the trip a bit more fun I brought along a GLOB Artist Pad and a set of coloured pencils. My little guy brought his current favorite pen. I thought the kids might enjoy drawing bits of the exhibit but once we got inside I realized that as usual more fun is to be had when you go with the flow.

Once at the ROM my son immediately began journaling what he saw with his favorite pen.
 I just love watching him write!

When we got into the Dino exhibit we quickly discovered the images on the information plaques were raised. We figured this was for the visually impaired just like the Braille (very neat and smart the kids thought) but we immediately realized that this could make things even more fun for us too and grabbed our pencils to try a rubbing.

It worked beautifully!
Cool no?!?

The 70 lbs, 100% recycled, chlorine free GLOB paper was just thick and sturdy enough to do great rubbings without tearing or bunching. It even took well to both sides being used for rubbings.
My little guy rubbing away.
And once my daughter realized what we were up to she wanted in on it too so we tore a few pages out of the spiral sketchbook for her to run off to do her thing. When I caught up with her a bit later I saw she added her own ideas as like labeling each skeleton rubbing and even using the reliefs of people on the information plaques to define the scale on her drawings just like on the plaque.

Bringing the sketch pad made the exhibit even more fun and interactive for us and we've produced some great kid art that I'm looking forward to hanging on my wall.
GLOB Art Pad - Little Footprints Toystore

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