Monday, June 17, 2013

Filling up with Joy

This is our Joy Jar.

We started it back in the new year. There was a lot of sadness in our extended family last year and we decided it would be good this year to mark all our joys down to remind us of all the wonderful things that happen.

We colored it with markers and I cut different sized strips of origami paper to have ready to jot our joys down.

OK so it is really a Joy Vase but that doesn't sound as nice.

We all added our own touches.

I thought that the kids would help decorate but maybe not think about marking memorable moments without reminders. I thought that I would be the one filling the jar, finding our happy and recording it for us all to look at the end of the year.

I was wrong. The jar is filling up and we are all recording our joys it seems. Even the odd trinket reminder has found it's way into the jar. I can see my kids writing but if I can't read it thru the glass I'm making myself wait to the end of the year to see what they thought worthy of recording. That way I know next year my first strip of paper will be about the joy of seeing their notes.

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