Wednesday, November 6, 2013

If... (a little story about fate)

If I hadn't called city hall *again* yesterday to ask if there was any way to speed up my kids getting their BSN #'s*

If they hadn't changed their tune and said come on in, don't wait for your appointment weeks from now we can do kids documentations on the spot.

If we hadn't decided to take our bikes downtown while it was sunny.

If it hadn't started to pour rain 5 minutes after we headed off.

If my tire hadn't gone completely flat half way there after passing a bike shop that I didn't want to double back to in the aforementioned rain.
...did I mention I had my 9 year old riding on the backrack? 

If that hadn't been the last bike shop we would see before hitting the Gemeente** downtown.

If my husband hasn't check his smartphone for a nearby bikeshop which turned out to be a rental place across the street.

We wouldn't have noticed they had for sale the most perfect second hand bike for my daughter sitting for sale right by the air pump.

And I wouldn't have this....

....The most perfect picture of my most happy little big girl on her new bike!

Hope your day was a great as ours!

*BSN = the Dutch equivalent of a SIN number (this gets your kids in school and cheap transit passes)
**Gemeente = City Hall (where you get every bureaucratic document you could need if you ask in just the right way)

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