Sunday, March 28, 2010

A day in the bush is worth two stuck inside

It's Sugarbush season again, time to get outside with the first hint of warmth. We have been taking the kids to enjoy a sugarbush trail for a few years now and this year was no different. Beautiful weather inspired a relaxed nature walk with lots of time to take in all the information & exhibits at Bruce's Mill Conservation Area. The taste the sap spot is always a hit with the kids and this year, to our surprise, our daughter was feeling taste adventurous and wanted to try cedar tea proclaiming it tasted pretty good, even taking the time to learn that it was full of vitamins before she danced away down the trail again.

It's stuff like sugarbushing that make me really happy to be living in a place with a real change of seasons, where leaves change colour in the fall and warm weather brings flowing sap - a most awesome renewable, sustainable, natural sweet treat! Even better is the feeling I get when I get to share these experiences with my kids.

This year the sap flowed early and freely. Each bucket we peeked into was dripping just like this one....


And just like I posted last year we purchased a big 4 litre jug of Maple Syrup to take advantage of the savings in bulk. We paid $65 for 4 litres, which is easily a $6-8 savings per litre, but watching our little 3 year old try to carry it to the car was priceless and well worth the line up in the Sugar Shack to get it!

If your thinking 'That's super but what am I going to do with so much syrup?!' Check out my post from last year about how to easily store the golden nectar and get out there for a day of fun and sweet savings yourself.

As always, BHappy and thanks for stopping by!


martha brown said...

She didn't mention this at all at school! I'll have to ask her about it. I LOVE the sugarbush!

martha brown said...

Hey! You're famous! I read the Toronto Star article -- I'll save a copy for you!