Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Pumpkin Patch Fundraiser

Our school community has it's annual Pumpkin Patch fundraiser today. It's a very fun and unique event and it's part of why I think our school so great. Some very committed parents get up very very early to haul pumpkins off a farmers truck starting at 6:30am - 'course one very kind farmer gets up even *earlier* to bring them all the way into the city for us! - and many others baked all sorts of yummy treats or signed themselves up to stand outside for a while to man the tills and tables in our kindergarten playground throughout the day rain or shine.

The patch of hundreds of pumpkins for sale were joyously picked over in the morning by the kids while mums, dads and caregivers chatted over coffee and sweets. Lots of families take the chance to grab a great picture of the kids on pumpkins and later in the day the kids come down with their classes to check it all out. By the end of the day we only have a couple pumpkins usually left.

This year however must have been our busiest yet. By the ring of the bell there were only 70-odd pumpkins left without name tags on them, less than usual, and after seeing so many new wee ones in the playground I guess I shouldn't be surprised  - our community of families is growing rapidly around here.

So after the bell rang the Patch looked a little like this...

and the sugar filled kids? All in class.

Good luck teachers!

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