Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sugar-free Halloween Redux

We are ready for another Halloween in our house. Well almost. One kid's costume still need to spend some time with my trusty sewing machine before it comes to life tomorrow but at least we have our treats covered. And just like years before they have no calories, leftovers will never go bad and they make the kids scream for joy and even line up at our door.

Trick is our treats aren't candy. Not even coupons for the local fast food joints even cold hard cash. Round here it's loot and toys that makes our door popular and makes it fun for all.

Couple of years ago I blogged about how we do a candy free door here and just how we do it. If you want to read about my top tips for sugar-free treat dispensing you can find them all in the Trick or Treat post but if you just want some inspiration here's some eye candy a.k.a. this years Spooky Box of Treats.

This Years Sugar Free Tricks and Treats

To get into the spirit of things the kids cut spooky shapes out and glued them to a box covered in kraft paper (so we didn't see the stuff printed on the box) then we filled it with the loot we scored this year and any leftovers from previous years.

More fun than buying a plastic cauldron!

Making spooky shapes

Our Candy Free Loot Box

Course my kids went all squirrelly lining up the treats they thought visiting ghouls would like most based on what they themselves would want to get. Ipod and cell phone erasers were a hit with both my boy and girl. Cool patterned mini tape was further oohhh'd and aahhh'd over by my girl while her brother went straight for the slotted retro-80's glasses.... stickers, wooden paddle ball games, glitter glue, fun pencils and other fun stuff went into the box too. "Mommy, can we trick or treat at our own house?????!!!???" plead my kids.

I know not everything we bought is planet friendly and a lot is made out of plastic but I really believe that sometimes less than ideal is ok too. I'd love to give nothing but really green loot out at my door however I haven't found enough suitable variety yet. I'm content knowing that I'm not adding to the kilos of high fructose corn syrup that will be carted home tomorrow night and in knowing that we are giving out fun stuff and useful stuff too - without doling out toothbrushes and carrot sticks.

If your also in the candy free spirit this this Halloween let me know how you do your candy-free door! In the meantime please excuse me, I have a costume I better get back to sewing!

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